Back to School

On August 1st, I started on my path to finish my Bachelor’s degree (again).  I am attending Western Governors University.  It is an online university.  So far, it has been great, challenging, but great.  I really do enjoy learning, even if it gets overwhelming at times.  So far I have finished 3 classes and am working on my 4th.  I tested out of my 3rd class in two weeks, so I am a little bit a head of schedule.  I wanted to have extra time for my current class….IT Fundamentals.  This class prepares me to take my IT certification exam.  I hope to complete both IT Fundamentals classes by the end of the year…but we will see.  Kind of a small pic, but this is the book for the certification exam.  It’s 3 inches thick, front and back, with very few pictures.  Eek.

Even though learning to balance school with life has been a challenge…I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to finally accomplish this personal and professional goal. 


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