Women’s Fitness Celebration Walk – September 25, 2010

I know I have been a slacker with my working out, but I do still feel like fitness is very important.  Its just something I am working on balancing along with everything else in my life.  Anyways, Starr and I participated in the St. Luke’s Women’s Fitness Celebration Walk/Run.  It started early…well, we got there early, and then waited for an hour for it to start 🙂  I am proud to say that we finished the 5k walk in a little over an hour (not too bad considering we were surrounded by strollers most of the time).  It was something we had never done before and it was fun.  It felt good to do it and know that I could actually do it.  We’ll have to see about next year….

Starr and I before the race.

Starr strutin’ her stuff 🙂

Beautiful views of Boise during the walk.
The finish line.  

Rafting – August 19, 2010

After going through a few rough years, I was determined to live life again.  Something I have always wanted to do was to go white water rafting.  One problem…I didn’t know anyone that wanted to go…so one day I just happen to mention it while at the gym with Andrea…and waalahh!  She wanted to go!  So we picked at day and made our reservations.  I was so excited….only to get sick right before were supposed to go.  Ugh.  Luckily, the rafting place let us re-schedule for the following week.  I realized that I was so unprepared for “outdoor” activities…I didn’t have the proper shoes, clothes, hat, etc.  But, after a few little shopping endeavors I was all suited up for my day on the river 🙂  ok, well like 4 hours, but still.  So, hopped on a bus along with 40 other people and took a 10 minute drive to our drop off destination.  They gave us a quick safety lesson (basically, don’t be an idiot and listen to your guide).  We put on life vests, hauled the raft to the river, and away we went!

I must say…this was one of the most fun things I have ever done.  EVERY single rapid I would be laughing so hard I couldn’t barely paddle.  I immediately wanted to go again 🙂  Who knew I was such a thrill seeker 🙂

Back to School

On August 1st, I started on my path to finish my Bachelor’s degree (again).  I am attending Western Governors University.  It is an online university.  So far, it has been great, challenging, but great.  I really do enjoy learning, even if it gets overwhelming at times.  So far I have finished 3 classes and am working on my 4th.  I tested out of my 3rd class in two weeks, so I am a little bit a head of schedule.  I wanted to have extra time for my current class….IT Fundamentals.  This class prepares me to take my IT certification exam.  I hope to complete both IT Fundamentals classes by the end of the year…but we will see.  Kind of a small pic, but this is the book for the certification exam.  It’s 3 inches thick, front and back, with very few pictures.  Eek.

Even though learning to balance school with life has been a challenge…I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to finally accomplish this personal and professional goal. 

Tim McGraw

Gosh, I really need to keep up on the blog….my bad.

Well…on July 29th, 2010 my best friend Starr and I attended the Tim McGraw concert at the Idaho Center.  We had waited 5 long months for this show….and it didn’t disappoint.  It started with us standing out side waiting in a huge line and sweating.  Lovely.  Then we got in and went to go find out seats.  I was seriously like a little school girl all excited.  I actually got light headed.  Yes, he was actually this close to us.  I touched his leg 4 times and his hand once.  (Yes, I was one of those screaming girls you see near the stage….at least I wasn’t crying). 

It was an AMAZING show.  Lady Antebellum opened, but Tim rocked it.  I will only buy floor seats from now on.  It is a completely different experience and one I would love to repeat every time I go to a concert.

Here are a few more pics from the concert.

Oh ya…we were a bit excited to be there 🙂
 Ya…had to get a bum pic.