Day 28 & 29

Let’s see….Monday the 28th…ya…well it was a Monday.  Pure craziness at work.  I felt like there wasn’t any downtime.  I went over to the padres house after work and Mom and I had tacos/taco salad. Yum.  Then we watched the Bachelorette together 🙂  Lot’s of drama last night on that show.  Then I came home and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned.  It was a pretty good workout…I actually worked up a sweat, but it was hot. 

Today…today I worked, and yet again it was busy.  I worked out with Andrea at the gym tonight.  We did the elliptical for an hour.  Boy, it was muggy in the gym…made us sweat even more.  We set a date for Friday night to go have a salad at Old Chicago after work and then chit chat for a bit while the food settles.  Then head to the gym to workout. 

Well, I am tuckered…good night!


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