Day 23 and 24

23rd….Nothing really eventful happened this day.  I was really depressed, I mean REALLY depressed.  I skipped church too. 

24th….Started to come out of my funk a little bit by mid-afternoon.  After pondering it for awhile, I have determined that my switch to new birth control pills may very well have been a major contributor to my demise this month.  After work, I went to Eagle Day Spa to get a facial (thanks to my friends that chipped in for an awesome birthday gift).  I had only had one facial before this and that was over two years ago.  This facial was soooooo nice and much better than the last one I had.  I decided to add on a micro dermabrasion, for only $15, I couldn’t pass up a deal like that.  Its normally $80 per session.  My skin feels SOOO much better and my jaw/neck have been noticeably less tense since.  I think I will treat myself to this every 3-4 months.  Apparently my body needs it. 

Was not good getting my activity in.  Oh well…I think things are on an upswing though…like I mentioned I am finally starting to feel like “normal” Amy again. 


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