Day 19

Eww…sweaty.  So I just got back from an hour walk around the neighborhood.  Tried walking faster than I normally do and yep, sweaty.  But I guess that’s good…as the trainer said once…”it means you have good pores.”  That or you are just sweaty.

This weekend has been rough.  Yesterday after mowing I developed a lovely migraine.  Probably the worst I have ever had.  Today I wasn’t feeling up to par either, but had stuff to do.  Met with Corrine and Starr and their munchkins this morning for a bit.  Always nice to spend time with good friends.  It was nice being around the kiddos too.  Later on in the afternoon I went to run a few shopping errands with my Mom.  Meanwhile, I got another headache.  I decided to skip church and just rest.  A nap seemed to help a bit.  I was rudely awakened though….by a BIRD!  Yes, I had left the back patio door cracked so the cats could go in and out (spoiled, I know)…and I woke to a bird yelping (for lack of a better word).  Scout had caught a bird and brought it into the house.  Gee, thanks kitty.  So, I jump up from the couch and try to catch the bird.  Meanwhile, it is flying around the kitchen.  I had to duck a few times.  Finally, I caught it with some paper towels and took it outside.  It flew off.  Needless to say I was quite awake after that ordeal.

Well, now I am going to go cool off after my walk and watch more “The Mentalist.”  Pretty good show.  Night all.


One thought on “Day 19

  1. saw the pictures on Facebook! the kids are getting so big. too bad they missed the bird incident… crazy!I LOVE the mentalist. I watched season 1 on DVD and catch the occassional episode on tv but I missed season 2… I like the humor and light-heartedness of Patrick.

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