Day 12 & 13

Well, I was too tired to post last night.  Apparently a full belly of sushi does me in 🙂

So…as you may have guessed I didn’t do a dedicated hour of activity on Saturday.  I was tired and choose to relax and pamper myself a bit 🙂

I did however workout this morning with my trainer (my last session)….then since it was such a beautiful day I decided to take an hour walk around the neighborhood.  I got a little burned, that just shows you how white I really am 🙂  I also sat on the patio for a bit and read.  Just relaxed while I could before the busy week starts.  Tomorrow my ex sister in law is coming to town to pickup her kids and take them to Arizona for the summer.  Then, Tuesday night is my last night for my divorce class…well its really only a potluck, we have finished the material already.  Wednesday night is bible study, then I am meeting Andrea at Applebee’s for a trivia night thing they have…that should be fun 🙂  Thursday I am getting a crown on my tooth.  Ugh…lots of money out the window and pain…not fun.  Oh and Corrine, Jeff, and the little ones are going to be in town later this week too.  Let me just say again…busy week!  Should be interesting how I fit in my activity….guess you will have to wait and see 🙂

Anyways…I’m not sure why I wait until the end of the night when my brain is turning off to write…oh well.  Ok, well my eyes are burning…time for bed.  


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