Day 8

Another good day.  Tonight was the last night for my divorce class (well, next week is a potluck).  I have learned so much about myself, others, and God during this class. I feel so blessed that I got some of my thoughts/feelings figured out, that I have grown as a Christian, that I have grown as a human being, and that I have met such wonderful people.  I will miss the people and the class, but know that its time to move on and keep learning other things.  Of course, who knows…I may need to go back again 🙂 I guess time will tell.

As for exercise, two other gals from the class and myself took a walk for about an hour around the church.  It was nice to get to know them better and get activity at the same time 🙂

No coffee….but I did get a headache and had a coke.  The headaches do seem to be subsiding, so hopefully that’s the only coke I will need this week.  And as my trainer puts it…”coke is the worst thing you can drink, it cleans off oil from driveways, you know?”  I know, I know….but its what I like.  So there 🙂 

Ok, well “insert something witty and more interesting here”…I am too tuckered to write more tonight.  Goodnight everyone or maybe just the one or two of you who may read this 🙂 



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