Day 5

Today was a good day.  Since my soooo super nice of a Dad mowed my lawn on Thursday, I didn’t have to this weekend 🙂 I probably should have pulled more weeds, but decided since it was such a busy week that I needed some rest.  It was sooo nice to sleep in a little.  I watched some TV and then got my phone number changed back.  Came home and relaxed, did some house chores, and then went to church.  Then I went for a nice neighborhood walk.  It was really nice outside, not too hot, not too chilly.  I did have a bug fly into my eyelash though…so, that was the only not so cool thing about walking outside.  Its amazing that walking on sidewalks/roads feels so different from walking on the treadmill, but it does.  I definitely felt the muscles in my legs getting a work out.  I really kinda zone out when I am walking and can think about things if I want or just completely zone out and let my mind take a breather.   

No coffee….although…I REALLY wanted one.  I think the cravings will go away eventually, at least I hope they will. 

Well, I am off to watch some True Blood 🙂  Good night all.


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