Day 4

Well, day 4 was a bit unsuccessful.  Although I didn’t have a coffee, I also literally ran out of time to do my hour of activity.  Normally, I wouldn’t allow an excuse, but I think this one is justified.  So,  here was my day…work, bible study, visit with my Aunt that came into town from Seattle.  Doesn’t sound like a lot, but I didn’t get home until midnight and there was little to no downtime in between things.  It’s not everyday that family comes into town.  Family is very important, so when we get the opportunity to spend time with them, we should.

So, I just plan to make up my hour this weekend.  I would hate to “lose” my challenge on the account that family was in town.  So, off I go to run errands and whatnot.  I will update the blog for Day 5 later tonight.  Toodles!   


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