Day 3

Well, I got the work out in before the day ended 🙂  It would have been so easy to just say no, I am absolutely too tired or even the thought of “what about a pass?” had entered my mind.  But again, those are just excuses.  I got the work out in and look, I am still alive. 

Today started with me waking up about an hour before my alarm…I even thought about getting my work out done then…but then I quickly decided to get another hour of sleep.  The work day flew by, and then I attended my second cousin’s high school graduation.  It was nice to see family I don’t often get a chance to see.  One of the speakers spoke about life and how we need to be patient with it.  Take baby steps, set small goals, and work towards a bigger goal.  I think this challenge is exactly that.  Baby steps towards my weight loss goal.  Loosing 50 more pounds just simply seems too overwhelming sometimes and its so easy to get discouraged.  I apparently discourage very easily 🙂  I hope to change that and I think my way of thinking will change too, but I need to be patient with myself and take those small steps and each day at a time.  Sooner than later I will reach my goals, whatever they may be. 

As for my workout tonight…I did the elliptical for about 40 minutes (got bored), then grabbed some 5 pound weights and did some “stair stepping”.  Stair stepping entails me holding onto the 5 pound weights, one in each hand.  I then take one step at a time and hold my step for one second on each stair.  There are a total of 15 stairs (yes, I counted) and I went up and down them 6 times.  I then did just some bicep and tricep exercises with the 5 pound weights. I noticed that my “bad” knee didn’t really like this exercise, it did start to crack and hurt more than normal.  Guess, that will not be a regular workout until I can build some strength back in that knee. 

Again, I survived without a coffee again…actually I did not have any caffeine today and yay! didn’t get a headache.  Things are looking up, I really love when my head isn’t pounding…life is so much more peaceful that way 🙂

Its sad, but I have noticed that I am already getting bored with working out.  Does anyone have any good “solo” work out ideas?  I REALLY would like to do some hiking (scenery and exercise), but I don’t feel like it is the safest thing to do by myself.  So, any suggestions would be great. 

A little update on the school thing…I have my intake interview scheduled for next Monday.  This is the last step before being officially accepted to the University.  At this time I will also select my start date.  Looks like it’s finally going to happen.  Yay!

Well, I must call it a night.  Another busy day tomorrow, and why can’t it stay light outside until at least 11PM? 🙂


One thought on “Day 3

  1. Yay day 3 done! Glad you managed to squeak in your workout 🙂 are you near a tv when you work out? You should watch some tv episodes on DVD or something…the half hour goes by so much faster. But you’re way ahead of me…at least you’re working out!

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