Day 2

Wowzers did today go fast!  Again, the caffeine withdrawal headache was back and the body was still sore…but that’s okay.  It just means my body needs some work, to say the least.  No coffee again today, but did have to have a Coke to help with the headache.  Since I had bible study tonight and it was raining, I decided to do the workout at home.  I started with some stretching (seriously thought I was going to have a charlie horse in my hamstring today).  After that I did the elliptical for the remainder of the hour.  Burned over 400 calories, but forgot to look to see how far I went.

I worry that some of the days will be so full of other stuff I will have a hard time fitting even an hour of good workout time in.  I guess I just have to be diligent about using my time wisely.  Heaven forbid I wake up earlier than normal and go to the gym in the morning so I don’t have to worry about it after work 🙂  It doesn’t sound like a hard thing to do, but why oh why can’t I do it?!  Perhaps it would just be too easy.

Sorry, I don’t have anything super creative to say tonight…I am tuckered.  Oh one last thing…I know I am writing a blog about myself/the challenge to help keep me motivated, but really I owe my strength to get it all done to God.  Without Him I would be running in circles instead of on a stationary elliptical 🙂

Good night all, and thanks for reading…see you tomorrow! 


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