Day 1

First goal accomplished-no coffee today, actually no caffeine today and lets just say its sad that I already have a headache.  Second goal accomplished-yes I actually made it to the gym!  Not a huge feat for some, but for me it is 🙂  I had actually intended on going right after work, but alas my headache needed some medication before I could do anything else.  So of course, I sat and watched my Netflix for a bit and ate some dinner.  Another shocker (again, only to me since I am a slacker)…I actually prepared a meal in the crock pot last night.  Chicken breast in cream of mushroom.  Quite good I must say and the chicken was a lot easier for me to eat. 

Well…anyways, back to the gym…today I did the elliptical for one hour.  Went a total of 4 miles and burned over 500 calories.  Not too shabby.  I am surprised I could even get ON the elliptical after the work out from Sunday with the trainer and then many hours of yard work (let’s just say I have been a hurtin’ unit for the last two days).  But I did it, and I guess that’s the moral of the story.  Now, off I go to do some stretching so I don’t hobble around work like a penguin like I did today 🙂 


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