Day 28 & 29

Let’s see….Monday the 28th…ya…well it was a Monday.  Pure craziness at work.  I felt like there wasn’t any downtime.  I went over to the padres house after work and Mom and I had tacos/taco salad. Yum.  Then we watched the Bachelorette together 🙂  Lot’s of drama last night on that show.  Then I came home and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned.  It was a pretty good workout…I actually worked up a sweat, but it was hot. 

Today…today I worked, and yet again it was busy.  I worked out with Andrea at the gym tonight.  We did the elliptical for an hour.  Boy, it was muggy in the gym…made us sweat even more.  We set a date for Friday night to go have a salad at Old Chicago after work and then chit chat for a bit while the food settles.  Then head to the gym to workout. 

Well, I am tuckered…good night!


Day 27

Today was a good day.  My parents and I went fishing up at Lucky Peak.  It was a super nice day…a bit hot at times, but nice.  Mom and Dad each caught one fish.  I technically had one on my line that I saw, but my line got tangled with Dad’s and I lost it.  I think I had another one when I was reeling in, but can’t confirm it 🙂  Oh well, it was fun anyways, fish or no fish.  I applied lots of sunscreen this time, twice actually…still managed to get burned, and as always in a weird way.  One side of my nose got really red *roll my eyes at that*….and I managed to get what I call “Neapolitan Arms” again.  Red on the top, white in the middle, and brown on the rest of the arm.  It looks like Neapolitan ice cream, well not really, but you know what I mean 🙂 

After getting home, I was SOOO tired from all that sun.  I took a two hour nap (while trying to watch Star Trek again…ya…I will never finish that movie).  Then I got up and regained my bearings and took a walk before it got dark. 

So, good day…I had fun with my parents, got some relaxation and sun in, and went for a walk. 

Day 26

Today has been a pretty good day.  Started off with an hour workout with Andrea at the gym.  We did a half hour of cardio and then did some machines.  It was kinda cool, I was able to take what the trainer has taught me and show her how to properly use some of the machines.  Yay for learning something. 

I then came home and mowed the lawn.  Boy, was it hot.  It took me an hour and a half to mow today…I kept taking breaks to drink lots of water.  I still got a headache though.  Oh well.

I went to church, I hadn’t been in two weeks.  Eek.  It felt good to go, it always helps me get back on track.  Now I am just sitting at home wanting to go do something.  What I don’t know, all I know is I would rather be doing something with someone than sitting at home alone.  Ugh. 

Tomorrow I am going fishing with my parents at Lucky Peak.  I know I won’t be up for a gym workout after being in the sun all day, so I plan on just doing a neighborhood stroll. 

Day 25

well today was semi successful.  i had a coffee.  but i went to the gym too.  i did the elliptical for one hour.  burned just shy of 500 calories, went 4 miles.  so at least i burned off my coffee 🙂

Day 23 and 24

23rd….Nothing really eventful happened this day.  I was really depressed, I mean REALLY depressed.  I skipped church too. 

24th….Started to come out of my funk a little bit by mid-afternoon.  After pondering it for awhile, I have determined that my switch to new birth control pills may very well have been a major contributor to my demise this month.  After work, I went to Eagle Day Spa to get a facial (thanks to my friends that chipped in for an awesome birthday gift).  I had only had one facial before this and that was over two years ago.  This facial was soooooo nice and much better than the last one I had.  I decided to add on a micro dermabrasion, for only $15, I couldn’t pass up a deal like that.  Its normally $80 per session.  My skin feels SOOO much better and my jaw/neck have been noticeably less tense since.  I think I will treat myself to this every 3-4 months.  Apparently my body needs it. 

Was not good getting my activity in.  Oh well…I think things are on an upswing though…like I mentioned I am finally starting to feel like “normal” Amy again. 

Day 20, 21, and 22

Sorry, I have been a slacker with writing everyday…well and with other things.  Guess that’s no surprise though. 

Let’s see…the 20th…Sunday….I slept in until 11AM…I never do that anymore.  Then I headed to my parents house to spend time with them and celebrate Father’s Day.  We watched The Blind Side…definitely a good movie.  One I will probably purchase at some point.  Then it was Dad’s choice for food…he picked the Cracker Barrel.  I hardly know what to do with myself at places like that.  There are so many selections….so many selections I can’t eat…literally.  I really didn’t want a salad, well I wanted a salad, but not as my entire meal.  I got Chicken N Dumplings…oh man…those noodles slid right down and then expanded in my belly.  Ouch.  Oh but the food intake didn’t stop there…then we went to Dairy Queen and I treated everyone to ice cream.  Needless to say, I could hardly move.  Ya…I definitely ate too much.  Alas…did I work out?  No…I went to bed.  Fail.

The 21st…worked, came home, took a 3 hour nap, watched the mentalist, and went to bed.  Fail.

Today…the 22nd….worked, came home…watched some TV, felt sorry for myself…and then took a walk.  Today I took a detour through Cloverdale cemetery…kinda peaceful and kinda depressing all at the same time.  I had to dodge a few sprinklers, but other than that it was a steady walk the whole way. 

Well, that’s all I got for today….

Day 19

Eww…sweaty.  So I just got back from an hour walk around the neighborhood.  Tried walking faster than I normally do and yep, sweaty.  But I guess that’s good…as the trainer said once…”it means you have good pores.”  That or you are just sweaty.

This weekend has been rough.  Yesterday after mowing I developed a lovely migraine.  Probably the worst I have ever had.  Today I wasn’t feeling up to par either, but had stuff to do.  Met with Corrine and Starr and their munchkins this morning for a bit.  Always nice to spend time with good friends.  It was nice being around the kiddos too.  Later on in the afternoon I went to run a few shopping errands with my Mom.  Meanwhile, I got another headache.  I decided to skip church and just rest.  A nap seemed to help a bit.  I was rudely awakened though….by a BIRD!  Yes, I had left the back patio door cracked so the cats could go in and out (spoiled, I know)…and I woke to a bird yelping (for lack of a better word).  Scout had caught a bird and brought it into the house.  Gee, thanks kitty.  So, I jump up from the couch and try to catch the bird.  Meanwhile, it is flying around the kitchen.  I had to duck a few times.  Finally, I caught it with some paper towels and took it outside.  It flew off.  Needless to say I was quite awake after that ordeal.

Well, now I am going to go cool off after my walk and watch more “The Mentalist.”  Pretty good show.  Night all.